"What I like about the software is accessibility. You can work pretty much from anywhere; at home, at school. You can pretty much work when you want to, where you want to. Those are the most appealing parts. The nature of the tool and the security permissions lends itself real easily to providing secure communication access to in-district employees. This makes it very easy to set up security issues for confidential in-district communication."

--Randy Stall
Technology Training Specialist
Littleton Public Schools

"[Viadesto] has proven that they can relate to the educational community and to people at all levels from superintendents, to teachers, to students."

--CASSI grant evaluation
Centennial BOCES

“The service and support from Viadesto is professional and timely; they are responsive to any concerns that I have. They are: friendly, knowledgeable and customer conscientious.  Many of our teachers were interested in having their own communication.  Viadesto’s software is making that possible.  We are also able to add E-Commerce so that parents or others can make donations online.”

--Lori Shaw
The Classical Academy Webmaster