Content Suite


Create and maintain a wide variety of informational pages:

  • FAQ’s
  • Newsletters
  • Link Pages
  • Announcement Pages
  • Electronic Documents
  • General Content pages

Within each type of page custom security preferences can be set to determine who is allowed to view, add, edit, delete and approve content.

Multi-Media Library


All Viadesto™ sites include a powerful set of multi-media libraries which allow you to store and manage 14 different types of media including: Images, Custom HTML, Logos, E-Documents, Flash Animation, Video Clips, Sound Files, Banner Ads and many more.

Page Sequencing Tool


The page-sequencing tool allows site administrators to manage the sequence of pages on a Viadesto™ site and move them as required without any programming expertise.

Item Sequencing Tool


The item-sequencing tool allows site administrators to manage the sequence of items on pages of a Viadesto™ site and move them as required without any programming expertise.

User Security/Profiles


User and Security Profiles allow the creation of custom site permissions for different site users so that the site administrator can control who gets to see and do different things throughout the site. The security tools of Viadesto™ support the creation of private site areas.

Custom Forms


Viadesto™ allows site administrators to easily generate forms for gathering information and registering site visitors. The custom forms include the ability to gather data such as text, numeric, paragraph, pick from list, checkbox, etc. Responses to forms are maintained in a database for easy administrator access and subsequent pasting into Excel for advanced sorting and statistical analysis. Viadesto™ support the creation of private site areas.

Event Calendar


The Viadesto™ calendar module supports scheduling multiple events for viewing by those users with appropriate permission as controlled by the site administrator. Event details can have recurring patterns, locations, notes and a variety of permissions for viewing and modifications.

Threaded Discussions


Create discussion boards with multiple ‘themes’ and a variety of ‘threads’. Security applies to each discussion board and each theme to allow restricted discussions (for instance, you could post a reply in a thread of conversation about an upcoming company retreat).

Organization Profiles


Gather information about organizations and display that information on your site. The subscriber may authorize particular users to maintain the profile and link to a page or to their site.

Logs and Statistics


Display information on visitors to your site, summarized into a format that can be viewed and shared by marketing or any authorized personnel.

Site Search


Find information quickly and easily throughout the site. Site visitors can search on words or phrases to locate related pages. User-controlled meta tags help index pages for maximum-targeted search results.

Banner Management


Control the placement and frequency of display of banner ads throughout the site. Manage the rotation of each ad in relationship to others and add banners to the Banner Image Library as often as desired.

Rich Text Editor


The Rich Text Editor allows you to format text much in the same way you would in a Word document. You can cut and paste from a previous file or type in text and then edit the font, add bullets, color, links, pictures, etc. After you have the screen formatted the way you wish, the content will be automatically converted to HTML code and placed on your page.