• Beautiful custom interfaces
  • Branding – Consistent look & feel throughout all areas of a site
  • Exposure – Search Engine submittal & optimization of content
  • Immediacy – Timely, up-to-date, content modification
  • Updates to the interface are quick & easy and preserve the content
Reduced Expenses
  • Reduced expenses requiring no Webmaster or outsourced web publishing
  • Collaborative Intranet (document management)
  • No web publishing software required
  • No servers required (reduced hardware & software costs)
  • No technical support staff required
  • Non-technical Email administration
Streamlined Operations & Greater Efficiency
  • Rapid development and deployment
  • Streamlined communications and information management
  • Distributed workflow
  • Information gathering and forms (e.g. Human Resource forms…)
  • Single platform includes Internet/Intranet/Extranet functionality
  • Document sharing streamlines cross-organization collaboration and enhances productivity
Increased Revenue/Sales/Prospects
  • Sales by e-commerce
  • Easy Site navigation encourages longer user visits
  • User self-registration supports collecting more information on site users
  • Custom forms support the collection of targeted information
  • Customer feedback mechanisms & Testimonials
  • Threaded discussions encourage customer participation and site “Stickiness”
Other Points
  • Free upgrades with new features and functionality
  • Empowerment of employees and culture of free information exchange
  • Accessibility – Viadesto™ sites are completely browser-based and can be accessed from any Internet-ready computer at any time